Now that Thanksgiving has passed, and hoping everyone had a great weekend full of great food, Oktoberfest madness continues! That's right, I'm not done blogging about this one yet (I only get this once a year to be fair). Come join us at Toboggan tomorrow at 5:00pm for our special Oktoberfest Casking Event! We've been preparing a cask (for those who don't know, essentially a special beer barrel) full of our Oktoberfest Keller Lager that we'll be tapping today and having a special celebration to accompany. Those of you who attended last year know just how much fun is in store. 


Casked Oktoberfest Lager will be available in 1L stein mugs for the event to celebrate in proper Bavarian style (and yes, you can get refills and also half-refills at a lower price after initial purchase). On top of that we'll be debuting our Oktober food specials: the wiener schnitzel and local sausage charcuterie board. This is one you're not going to want to miss, so we hope to see you down at Toboggan tomorrow enjoying your fill - and refill - of local craft beer and food and spreading around some German love.