Hello all, and happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving! I hope everybody’s looking forward to the long weekend and getting ready to feast, which is what Thanksgiving is really all about. Well, that and giving thanks, which I guess is also important. So take a moment sometime this weekend to contemplate all the things you're thankful to have (don’t say turkey, that’s cheating. So is vanilla stout).


Speaking of things to be thankful for, the Oktoberfest specials just keep coming. Do you love amazing Bavarian foods and comically oversized steins full of beer? Be thankful for the international reach of Oktoberfest – it’s a good time to be alive. Toboggan is celebrating with some new food specials to go along with our delightful Oktoberfest Keller Lager. Starting this week until the end of the month, come down to try out some wiener schnitzel or our sausage charcuterie board, made with 3 different locally made sausages and local Mennonite sauerkraut. You'll soon find that schnitzel and kellerbier as a combination are the true key to happiness. Enjoy the long weekend and happy Thanksgiving to everybody.