Welcome back beer loving friends. Thanks to everybody who made it out last night to The Bungalow for our official Tap Takeover! I hope everybody got a chance to try some great craft beers and delicious grub; it's what we're all about really. I also hope you (whoever you are who is reading this) have had a chance to try the new Autumn Mosaic beer and get a chance to experience the delectable complexity of the Mosaic hop. These tantalizing tropical-citrus brune-esque pints have been selling like hotcakes (despite being cold beers) so taste while you can!


Now, if I've somehow accrued any following of loyal readers here, you'll perhaps remember there was another Mosaic potion in the works. For all the session enthusiasts around who've been missing IPA-Nema, your prayers are answered. Though IPA-Nema was a straight Citra hop session IPA, our new breed favours a blend with New Zealand's Mosaic flavours. A powerful floral aroma precedes the complex tropical flavours. A touch of bitterness cuts through leaving a crisp, light finish. Here's the fun part - it's out on Monday. That's right, you don't need to just read about how delicious it is, you can put it to the test. And maybe put it to the test again after. And maybe again and again and... well, you get the point. So come down to try our new Mosaic beers - if you like hoppy, you'll be happy.