Look around. Smell the air for that confusing and indescribable smell of wet leaves. Everywhere your head turns a new mosaic of autumn colours hops into your vision. Autumn, mosaic... hops... OK I guess I'm just thinking about craft beer again - force of habit. Speaking of autumn, mosaics, hops and delicious small brew craft goodness, Toboggan is happy to announce the release of our Autumn Mosaic Ale! A beautiful seasonal with a deep red-brown hue and mosaic hops to bring out a tangy citrus flavour. The name comes not only from the season it's crafted for, but for what can only be described as a true mosaic of flavours. Tongue art. A palette for your palate. Wondering if those two words might have the same roots now? So are we.


In other fun news, Toboggan Brewing Co. is partnering up with our friends at The Bungalow to do our first ever Tap Takeover. Join us next Thursday and Friday at The Bungalow to try a wide range of our microbrews to accompany the wondrous menu The Bungalow maintains. With that kind of great food and great beer, you won't want to miss it. Hope to see you there and have a happy weekend.