Remember a while back when we talked about a mystery beer that would be coming out? Well it's finally finished, and it's glorious. This one seeks inspiration from the Belgian Trappist Ale, a complex beer that been brewed by monks in Belgian Abbeys for centuries. 


Any real beer enthusiast knows what I'm talking about. Trappists have some of the most devout followings a drink can accrue, and love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying the reputation of such a beautiful brew. Our Toboggan Trappist-style Abbey Ale follows closely in the footsteps of the beers of legend. A pleasantly yeasty flavour gives off notes of banana which complement the complex fruity profile of figs and raisins. These open up to a deep roasted caramel draw with a lasting finish - and a punch. Whoa. What a punch.


Wanna try it? Come give it a shot. (Real beer drinkers only - you've been warned)