Thursday June 23rd, 2016


The long wait is over!  After little more than a year open, we at Toboggan are proud to announce the launch of our Lunatic Fridge IPA in local LCBO’s, the first of many to hit the shelves. Celebrate with us and pick up a can to enjoy the exquisite taste of West Coast hops balanced with the perfect malt blend that makes one of the smoothest and tastiest IPAs you’ll try. 


Back at home base things are looking and smelling good as the weekend draws close. Down in the brewery the scent of freshly mashed malts greets your nose as our brewmasters work their magic - Amber Ale is on the dock today, after a fresh batch of our Braukeller Lager reached the fermenters yesterday. The whole weekend is looking sunny and hot (worth a refresher or two) so come on out for a bite from our 519 kitchen and a nice cold beer on our Biergarten patio. Cheers!