We promised, we delivered. Toboggan is proud to have a new craft beer on tap today: the Brexit Porter. The name is a humourous shout-out to our friends across the pond who invented the porter, but don't get it wrong, nobody's calling this Brexit a bad idea (or the number of harsher words we've all heard now at some point). 


So what does a "Brexit Porter" taste like? Think stout. Full body, robust flavour. Now dial back some of the power and imagine how the flavours open up. A special malt blend gets plenty of room in the flavour profile to shine through bold, yet smooth as ever, mixing tantalizing notes of black coffee, dark chocolate and roasted barley. The perfect hop selection compliments really plays up the malt profile while adding just the faintest kick at the end. Top it off with a gorgeous, creamy, caramel-colour head and you have the Brexit Porter. Feeling a little weak in the knees reading this? Sit yourself down and ask one of our bartenders to pour one out for you, but just remember, this one won't last forever! Grab one soon and enjoy while it lasts!