Beer Festival

    This last Saturday was London's annual Forest City Beer Fest and what a show! It was great to see so many Ontario craft brewers out sharing the fruits of their labour and a great honour and pleasure to have  the opportunity to connect with all the craft beer enthusiasts of London.  

    Though we would have thought the torrential downpour would have hurt the turnout, London beer fans aren't deterred so easily. It was awesome to see people tough out the rain to explore all the different breweries and to see vendors sharing their tents with patrons to keep dry and bond over a cold one.

This year we shared our new Session IPA: IPA-Nema, a lighter tasting IPA boasting a complex exotic fruit flavour with citrus undertones and a refreshing floral aroma. In addition, we brought out our Dry Cider, a light and crisp cider made with fresh local apples with a nice tart twist, as well as two Toboggan staples - our Amber and Mr. Insurance Man Blonde.  All our reps had an amazing time and were very grateful for all the love shown for our products.

   Overall we had a great time at the event and loved meeting and chatting with everybody who made it by the Toboggan Brewing Co. booth. A huge thanks goes out to the organizers of the event, and of course the biggest thanks goes to everybody who made it out to the show to enjoy all the delicious nectars available and show appreciation for all the hard working people at the show. We'll see you all next year!

Beer Fest