Summer's coming to a close - there I said it - and while many of us are trying to deny it, at least we can look forward to a fall full of great fall craft beers. We've had some great brews over summer, and though we're sad to say goodbye to Strawberry Rhubarb Cider, Blackberry Cider is in now to help our cider drinkers feel better.

A delicious sweet cider with fermented blackberries and a deep colour, this one packs a punch as well at 6.7%ABV. Thank the cider gods for the talents that made it.

black cider_0070.jpg

On the topic of local talent, London's Bluesfest is making a return this weekend! From Friday to Sunday, Victoria park will be home to some of the finest blues musicians from far around, which blues fans know plainly means some of the finest musicians. Period. Stop by Toboggan on your way in or out, and have a great weekend!

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