craft beer london ontario - black ipa

The city seems more lively by the day. With the CCMA's and the first week of classes, it's been a wild week. Sounds like it's already time to relax. Relax and drink beer that is (which are both one and the same if you really think about it - or drink about it). For those who don't drink, you're not forgotten about or unappreciated, and also, why are you reading a beer blog?


Now that we're on the topic, the home base brewery is keeping up with the liveliness, and the all new Black IPA is ready to rock this Monday. Made with locally sourced Cascade hops fresh off the vine from VQA farms, this beer has a deep roasted scent and creamy head that covers a deceptively light body. A clean and slightly sweet malty onset yields quickly to the hops, imparting a mild bitterness that's smooth like black velvet.

We'll stop there so as not to spoil the experience. Come on down for your own taste and as always, enjoy another beautiful weekend!