We hope everybody had a great Labour Day weekend, it's time to get back in the swing of things again now! With all the excitement happening this week, it's hard to say where to start. It almost seems fitting to tell craft beer fanatics (especially IPA drinkers) to celebrate summer's end, as horrifying as that sounds. Now dawns a fall unlike any other before. Why, you might ask? Because beer, that's why.

For starters, the Spoke Ale has made it to the Spoke & Rim Pub. This Session IPA has a tantalizing exotic flavour and light palatable character that sets it apart from any other. Head down to give it a try. On top of that, can production of two Toboggan favourites has begun. We'd like to welcome Double IPA and Amber to our can line - you should see both in our retail store by early next week. Finally, the all new Toboggan Black IPA will be making its way to our draft taps next week. More notes and details (and drool) to come!

The reign of fall craft beer has begun at Toboggan. It's time to jump on board and enjoy the ride while you can. Cheers.