Greetings to everyone. Those of you who are with me in mourning the end of Oktoberfest (though this is the weekend to let it go out with a bang), hear my words of consolation: there there. There's always next year. Anyway, moving on from all that, there's great news in the works. That's right, we're brewing up craft beer recipes faster than Donald Trump can say "China", and that's no easy feat. The microbrewery love never ends.


On the dock now are a specialty Amber Ale and a specialty Session IPA (after the success of IPA-Nema, it only seemed right to keep the session brews going). Both beers will include generous proportions of Mosaic hops, which lend a herbal aroma and a tropical citrus taste, and as with all Toboggan craft beers, they're carefully balanced out by our master brewers to let all the complexities of the beer stand out alongside the distinctive crisp hop. More news to come on these, but expect them soon. I'm already over Oktoberfest. Oh, and I should mention, there's another mysterious beer in the tanks, but we wouldn't want to ruin all the surprises now, would we?