Hello to all. I hope everybody's been enjoying the gentle transition into fall. Here at Toboggan, we've been loving the changes (and the eternal summer heat) and pumping out all the best fall craft beers that we can. With September almost up and everybody well adjusted, we can turn our attention to what's coming. October is nigh, and that means a few important things: leaves are going to look really cool soon, Tom Cochrane is coming to the Western Fair (we're hoping he sings Lunatic Fridge instead of "fringe") and Toboggan's Oktoberfest Lager is coming back.


That's right. Oktoberfest is around the corner. Prepare to see plenty of intoxicated youngsters pretending to know what being German is like, and get ready for a proper German style Lager while we're on the topic. It's not too often I like to give personal testimonies or make this blog about my own drinking experiences, but all I can say is I tried a sip and got shivers down my spine. No word of a lie, it's that good. So stay excited for October and stay tuned for more delicious news (can news be delicious? Food for thought). Cheers.